Vizlib Table v1.3.3 - Conditional Color Formatting for Progress Bars

Vizlib Table Mini-update.

Small, but frequent and high-quality updates. And as always, there's nothing you need to do - just refresh your browser and you will have the latest version of our extension right available for you in your Sense app.
This time we have added a tiny but sought after feature: Conditional Color Formatting for our Progress Bars:

On top of that, next to a couple of bug fixes, we also added support for the Vizlib Table in Master Key Items and in Snapshots within Story mode.


Vizlib Table v1.3.3:

  • Conditional Color Formatting for Progress Bars
  • Support for Vizlib Table to be used as a Master Key Item
  • Support for Vizlib Table Snapshots to be used in Story Mode
  • Fixed Bug where setting the color of the progress bar would sometimes freeze the property panel
  • Fixed Bug where the cell background color would only work if the cell text color was changed as well
  • Fixed Bug where sometimes Export to XLS would not work

(Vizlib Table Download Page)

As always, if you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate contacting the Vizlib team at!