Vizlib Table v1.3.3 - Conditional Color Formatting for Progress Bars

Vizlib Table Mini-update.

Small, but frequent and high-quality updates. And as always, there's nothing you need to do - just refresh your browser and you will have the latest version of our extension right available for you in your Sense app.
This time we have added a tiny but sought after feature: Conditional Color Formatting for our Progress Bars:

On top of that, next to a couple of bug fixes, we also added support for the Vizlib Table in Master Key Items and in Snapshots within Story mode.


Vizlib Table v1.3.3:

  • Conditional Color Formatting for Progress Bars
  • Support for Vizlib Table to be used as a Master Key Item
  • Support for Vizlib Table Snapshots to be used in Story Mode
  • Fixed Bug where setting the color of the progress bar would sometimes freeze the property panel
  • Fixed Bug where the cell background color would only work if the cell text color was changed as well
  • Fixed Bug where sometimes Export to XLS would not work

(Vizlib Table Download Page)

As always, if you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate contacting the Vizlib team at!

Vizlib Team

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