Vizlib Table v1.5

The search has now an end - it's here!

Qlik Sense's native search functionality is now available in the new Vizlib Table. Search through all dimensional values, (multi)select values, all while maintaining Qlik's grey, white & green associative logic.

Dynamic indicator threshold

Formerly fixed to 0 only, you can now specify the threshold for the indicator feature in the property panel:

Formatting Enhancements
  • Specify the font color of totals:

  • Specify the cell border colors of metrics & Dimensions

As always, a new Vizlib release not only comes with big new features, but also plenty of small ones are included as well, not forgetting about constant improvements of bugs. Read the changelog below for full details on what is new in the Vizlib Table v1.5.


Vizlib Table v1.5:

New Features:

  • Search functionality has been added
  • Indicators can now be driven by a dynamic expression
  • Ability to format the font colour of Totals, and to set the colour of cell borders.

Bug Fixes:

  • Totals, when positioned at the bottom, would sometimes misalign - this has been fixed.

(Vizlib Table Download Page)

If you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate to contact the Vizlib team at!