Announcing the Vizlib KPI Designer Challenge: share your most creative examples

Following the recent launch of our star extension – the KPI Designer πŸš€ – we’re thrilled to announce a special KPI Designer Challenge. πŸŽ‰

We are looking for the most compelling, real-life examples of KPI objects built using our KPI Designer extension. βš’οΈ + πŸ€“ + ⚑ = πŸ¦„

Vizlib KPI Designer is a new approach to a pixel-perfect design of your dashboards for Qlik Sense. It introduces a new layering concept and gives you the power to combine charts, metrics and icons into your very own KPI object. With full control over x/y positioning and the possibility to overlap layers, you can practically achieve any desired layout. πŸ¦„

The Vizlib KPI Designer Challenge starts on the 19th of October and you have until the 9th of November to submit your creations. We want to see your KPI object as well as a short description of what it is and why it was built. πŸ“Έ + ✍️

Please do not use real company data - make up some numbers or download a freely available dataset from the web.


Drop us an email at attaching your entry as a .qvf format (Qlik Sense app) and including a brief description for each visualisation. πŸ“©


For the most interesting and compelling designs, we are offering a few sweet prizes. 🎁

The first-place winner will receive a $300 Amazon gift card, a KPI Designer t-shirt and a copy of the insight-packed "Mastering Qlik Sense" book.

The second-place winner will be awarded a $200 Amazon gift card and a KPI Designer t-shirt.

The third-place winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card and a KPI Designer t-shirt.

πŸ‘‰ BONUS: ALL winning entries will be introduced as presets (defaults) into the KPI Designer extension!


Once all entries close on the 9th of November, we will post your KPI object on LinkedIn with a hashtag #VizlibChallenge, tagging you and your company (if specified).

You will have until 19th of November to rally all the support you can get. Please ensure you're sending people to the original post to keep all the likes and comments in one place.

Top 10 entries with the most engagement (likes, comments and shares on LinkedIn – i.e. the community πŸ’™) will be chosen as finalists for consideration.

The final winnersπŸ†will be selected by the Vizlib team and announced on Friday, 23rd of November. πŸŽ‰

Remember, all winning entries will be introduced as defaults into the Vizlib KPI Designer extension 😎

It's time to shine. Show us (and the entire Qlik community) what you’ve got! πŸ€“πŸš€

Not sure where to start?

Here are a few examples of the KPI Designer extension in action.

Have a look at the KPI Designer description for more inspiration.