Vizlib July 2018 Release

As you probably know, with the Vizlib June 2018 release we started introducing a monthly release cycle which will provide you with a summarized overview of all latest features and changes, including a comprehensive change log.

Important: you will still be able to download our individual Vizlib extensions in the usual way as and when they are released, outside of the Vizlib Library release cycle.

NEW Vizlib Pivot Table

After an extended period of development, we finally managed to release a powerful and customizable Pivot Table for Qlik Sense which allows for custom formatting to create pre-canned reporting layers, conditional showing and hiding of dimensions and measures, and rich formatting options. The Vizlib Pivot Table is ideal for:

  • P&L Reporting
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Custom Preformatted Reports
  • QlikView functionality in Qlik Sense

Find out more about the Vizlib Pivot Table and explore its features and capabilities

TED Accreditation

Qlik announced the new TED Program in July 2018 and introduces Vizlib as their first invited partner with five officially accredited extensions.

  • Vizlib Sankey Chart
  • Vizlib Filter
  • Vizlib Table
  • Vizlib Container
  • Vizlib Venn Diagram

The accredited extensions are officially enlisted on the Qlik Market, and more information about the TED Program can be found here:
Read more about TED on Qlik Branch.

Vizlib July 2018 Webinar

We are now introducing regular monthly webinar a week after we announce our Vizlib Library releases to walk you through our new features and extensions live, and highlight to you what's new and improved. The next Webinar will take place on August 7th at 9:00 AM EST. To sign-up please follow this web page: Vizlib library July 2018 Release Webinar - Registration Page

1. Introduction to the TED Program and Vizlib official accreditation by Qlik
2. Vizlib Pivot Table Demo
3. Vizlib Line Chart, new features
4. Vizlib Table, new features
5. Vizlib KPI Sneak Preview
6. Coming up next on our Roadmap!

Vizlib July 2018 Changelog:

Released 30/07/2018

Vizlib Library:

  • NEW Vizlib Pivot Table
  • Five Vizlib Extensions officially Accredited by Qlik

Vizlib Table:

Bug fixes:

  • When the table was using an MI dimension/measure that does not longer exist (removed), the table was not rendering.(v2.5.1)
  • Fixed rendering issues with NPrinting, wherein small data sets the table was not printing if the extension was already on the NPrinting cache. (v2.5.1)
  • Improved performance and styling on the column the drag and drop.(v2.5.1)
  • Fixed issues with the latest version of iOS app in offline mode. (v2.5)
  • Fixed duplicate rows behaviour in some edge scenarios. (v2.5)
  • Some dimension&measure styling attributes were not working when converting the table from the native QS table.(v2.4.6)
  • Fixed compatibility with QS 3.1 suite enterprise. (v2.4.6)
  • Header arrows were missing after converting the table in June'18 (v2.4.6)
  • Minichart were not rendering on the first load in some scenarios where the table was created with a previous version from v2 of the Vizlib Table. (v2.4.6)
  • The column order was not correct when a measure was placed at first. (v2.4.5)
  • When applying a selection over a mixed (order) table with columns and dimensions, the Qlik Engine was raising an error. (v2.4.5)
  • Table was shifting columns in some scenarios.(v2.4.5)

New Features:

  • Added ability to control what dimensions are selectable or not by the end user. (v2.5.1)
  • Added option to dynamically position Totals below the last row if no vertical scroll is visible (size to total data position) (v2.5.1)
  • Added option to control the position of the horizontal scrollbar (size to data/bottom) (v2.5.1)
  • Improved indicators threshold where now the expression can support a per cell calculations. (v2.5.1)

Vizlib Scatter Chart:

Bug fixes:

  • Legend tooltip was disappearing in some scenarios when the Vizlib Bar Chart was present on the same sheet. (v2.1)
  • Vizlib wizard was not working showing up by default. (v2.1)
  • Color picker for reference lines were not working in June'18 (v2.1)
  • x-axis reference line labels were not showing up. (v2.1)

New features:

  • Added option to be able to set the formatting for the gradient legend. (v2.1)
  • Added custom bubble label limit threshold. (v2.1)

Vizlib Line Chart:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed line chart pagination rendering issues when loading more than 2,500 data points. (v2.0.3)
  • Fixed minor formatting issues on the secondary axis. (v2.0.2)
  • Fixed number 'num()' formatting for measures. (v2.0.1)
  • Fixed some minor typos on the property panel + enhanced colour gradient UI. (v2.0.1)
  • Fixed minor number formatting issues. (v2.0.0)
  • Removed inconsistent options in the panel related to images that were causing javascript errors in some QS versions. (v2.0.0)
  • Fixed some minor issues on the tooltip smoothness. (v2.0.0)
  • Tooltip was replacing spaces and other symbols with '_' on the tooltip labels. (v1.9.1)
  • Tooltip has a smoother UX when hovering data points. (v1.9.1)
  • Multi tooltip was not working in FireFox.(v1.9.1)
  • Line opacity wasn't getting applied to data points (added data points opacity control). (v1.9.1)
  • Added more margin to the y-axis. (v1.9.1)
  • Minor formatting bug fixes regarding the number formatting for the axis. (v1.9.1)

New features:

  • Added a new colouring mode 'by Segment'. Where the line/area can be split by value or line %, to multicolor the same measure. (v2.0.0)
  • Add ability to conditionally change the icon and font size dynamically by expression. (v2.0.0)
  • Add ability to conditionally apply opacity&color (line/data points/markers) by expression. (v2.0.0)
  • Increased number of max allowed measures to 20. (v1.9)

Vizlib Calendar:

Bug fixes:

  • Calendar was applying dates but not ranges. (v1.2.3)

Vizlib Filter:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed search box now working on Firefox. (v1.4.1)

Vizlib Bar Chart:

Bug Fixes:

  • When the bar had a null value in Safari the background was white. (v1.10.0)
  • When the bar color in a measure was set to custom, the legend tile was not getting updated. (v1.10.0)
  • When the same expression was entered twice with the same label it was not identified as a new expression. (v1.2.9)
  • Negative stack bars were not rendered properly. (v1.2.9)
  • The Bar Chart was not working when placed on the same sheet as the Vizlib Sankey Chart. (v1.2.8)
  • Legend tile was not inheriting the bar opacity. (v1.2.8)
  • Legend align was not working in Qlik Sense Desktop. (v1.2.8)
  • Tooltip data was showing a different format than the axis in some scenarios. (v1.2.8)
  • Tooltip was sometimes misplaced when the Bar Chart was embedded into an iFrame. (v1.2.7)
  • Opacity was not applied to legend tiles for 1dim + n measures. (v1.2.7)
  • Bars misplacement on secondary axis when the formatting settings were changed.(v1.2.7)
  • Corrected y/y2 axis label placement wherein sometimes it was overlapping the axis.(v1.2.7)
  • Improved the smart position of data values (added option to always show data values and not hide them). (v1.2.7)
  • Dimension label was overlapping the axis sometimes on IE. (v1.2.6)
  • Wasn't updating some data points after applying a selection on IE. (v1.2.6)
  • Fixed visualisation issues in stack mode for null values. (v1.2.6)
  • Data values font size was too small on IE in some scenarios.(v1.2.6)

Vizlib Sankey Chart:

Bug Fixes:

  • The Sankey chart was not drawing all the paths when a lot of nodes. Now it shrinks them so they can be accessed via zoom. (v1.0.6)
  • Fixed some minor bug fixes of the chart not updating the width when entering on edit mode. (v1.0.6)
  • Fixed conflict with the Vizlib Bar Chart. When the two extension were placed on the same sheet, the tooltip was not always working properly. (v1.1)

New Features:

  • Officially accredited by Qlik (TED Program). (v1.0.6)
  • Added option to prevent dimension labels to overlap when there are many nodes stack together. (v1.1)
  • Add new option to be able to place values inside of the links + multiple styling settings around it. (v1.1)

Vizlib Pie Chart:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed rendering issue with Qlik Sense 3.1. (v1.3)

New Features:

  • Introduced alternative dimensions for Vizlib Pie Chart. (v1.3)

Extension Versions: