Merry Christmas Extension from Vizlib!

Celebrate your Qlik Sense Christmas with the Vizlib Christmas extension

For most, Christmas is a season of serenity, peace and family time. Different cultures and countries celebrate it differently but for all its a joyful and much-anticipated event.

At Vizlib, we obviously celebrate Christmas in the way that gives us most joy - creating beautiful visualisations for Qlik Sense. So it comes as now surprise that we're using the opportunity to introduce a very special and festive Vizlib Xmas Extension (for the second year in the row!).

Spice up your Qlik Sense App with Vizlib's Xmas Extension

Simply Drag & Drop the Vizlib Xmas Extension to your Qlik Sense canvas and watch it transform into a Christmas Themed app, which your users are bound to appreciate. Move around the elements, such as Santa and Rudolph, to give your dashboard that extra festive kick.

The Vizlib Xmas Extension

Secret Edit Panel Santa:

Introduce Santa into your edit panel to help you choose the right visualisation. Just like a little helper, he will speed up your app development and ensure your users get a nice Christmas present.

Beware of Santa's friendly looks: if he sees you using unsupported extensions, there's a chance he might crack his whip.

Reindeer Rudolph and Busy Santa

...are flying across your Qlik Sense to remind you and your users that they're working hard to make Christmas a special holiday for you! Christmas is almost here - how exciting!

Don't forget to put up your Christmas decorations

The best way to create a festive atmosphere is by decorating your home, your office and your dashboards. Pine garland with ornaments can be placed on almost anything to create that special Christmassy feeling, even on your QS dashboard.

Let is snow, let it snow!

A proper Christmas is a white Christmas. Sadly, it is not always snowing in every part of the world during Christmas. Vizlib changes this for you: with the Xmas extension, we bring snow to all parts of the world – even to your offices. Simply add the type of snowflake you want and how much of it you want and voila - you got yourself a white Christmas! Yay!

(Vizlib Xmas Extension Download Page)

Keep in mind that while the Vizlib Christmas Extension works all year round, it will be publicly available to download only until late February (we love Christmas too, but everything has limits 😉).

If you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate to contact the Vizlib team at!