Vizlib Partners with Websy to Offer Specialised Training

Vizlib is happy to announce we have partnered with Websy on a joint initiative to offer specialised training to existing Vizlib customers or customers who are considering migrating from QlikView to Qlik Sense using Vizlib.

Our Vizlib Library is a feature-rich and powerful visualisation Library which empowers your Qlik Sense apps and visualisations. The rich arsenal of possibilities can be explored individually or via an instructor-led training, which will help your team to get to grips with Qlik Sense + Vizlib faster and start creating value for your organisation.

There are two particularly compelling reasons why you should sign up for Vizlib Training with Websy:

1. Thinking about migrating from QlikView to Qlik Sense using Vizlib?

Vizlib Library ticks off several requirements and features that were available in QlikView but have now migrated to Qlik Sense. Using Vizlib, the transition to Qlik Sense is easier than ever. This course will introduce you to Qlik Sense app development, the differences and commonalities in its approach and design, as well as cover newly added features and capabilities. It will also focus on how to migrate your QlikView apps to Qlik Sense and where to find the necessary properties and charts in the Vizlib Library.

2. Increase productivity and improve value creation by upskilling in Vizlib

Led by a seasoned instructor, the course covers all the key properties and features for each extension and shows you how to implement alternate states (if applicable). It will familiarize you with many use cases that can be implemented using Vizlib for greater analysis and better-looking dashboards. Training can also help improve the adoption of Qlik Sense in your organisation.

Classes are held in small groups, either on-site or in a virtual class.
Please visit, for more information.

Martin Mahler, Vizlib CEO

We are very happy to partner with Websy to expand our offering and to respond to a rising demand in the market for instructor-led training as our Vizlib Library is growing with more visualisations and features. Websy are best-in-class when it comes to Qlik Training and having known the company and the people behind it for a while, we are impressed by their training quality and unmatched existing customer feedback. We are delighted Vizlib Training will be provided by them.

Peter Webb, Websy Ltd. Director

At Websy, we like to focus on the cool things that can be achieved with Qlik, especially based around extensions and the APIs. We have always been very keen on the approach that Vizlib have taken with their visualisation extensions, being enriched with functionality and fully supported. We are very happy to have teamed up with Vizlib to offer training and share knowledge of their extensive and extremely customisable visualisation library.

About Vizlib

Vizlib is a fully supported third-party visualisation and component library developed exclusively for Qlik Sense and on top of the powerful Qlik Engine API. We provide added features, capabilities and new visualisations to enrich your Qlik Sense user experience and app's functionality. Our design principles are ease-of-use, customisability and support: our visualisations and components allow business users to quickly create compelling dashboards and visuals without having to write a single line of code. Vizlib is here to help you transition from QlikView to Qlik Sense. Improved time-to-market, playful and easy configuration of your charts and a rich arsenal of extra features empower you to become more data-driven and focus on what you are good at: solving business problems using your data.

About Websy

Formed by Ex-Qlik employees, Websy was created to help spread the joy of Qlik and enable both new and existing users alike to be able to do more with the technology.
Whether you're looking to learn how to develop with web technologies, use the Qlik APIs or extend your current knowledge of the core products we can help. We can even help you build your solutions.