Vizlib Table v1.4 - the most amazing Table for Qlik Sense yet.

The most powerful Table for Qlik Sense has arrived!

Engaging closely with our customers, our development efforts for Qlik Sense extensions at Vizlib are strongly guided by what is needed in the market and how our users expect to visualize their data in a Table within Qlik Sense. As a result, we are very happy to introduce two very powerful new features:

Full support for HTML tags

Have you ever had the need to fully control the format of the table? What about displaying multi line results for each record in your data set? HTML tags allow you to take control of how you wish to see your data displayed in the table.

HTML code within Expression

Visual multiline representation of HTML code in Vizlib Table

While the Vizlib Table is highly customisable, with HTML tag support possibilities are now unlimited. HTML tags are supported both in-cell and in headers.

NEW Measure Representation: Indicators

Has your metric grown? Has it fallen? Choose from a rich list of icons and supplement your numbers with a visual indicator on whether it's positive or negative. The only limitation here is your imagination! Check it out:

As always, a new Vizlib release not only comes with big new features, but also plenty of small ones are included as well, not forgetting about constant improvements of bug. Read the changelog below for full details on what is new in the Vizlib Table v1.4.


Vizlib Table v1.4:

New Features:

  • Updated .qvf Demo example app shipped with the extension.
  • In-cell HTML support - customize your expressions or metrics using HTML tags.
  • HTML tag support for Headers
  • New measure representation: Indicators
  • New cosmetic feature: fill the last column with the rest of the table width.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed misalignment of "Load more data" button
  • Fixed breaking of columns when pagination was active
  • Fixed bug where after exporting data the dialogue shadow would not disappear
  • Performance enhancements for Sparklines
  • Show all data feature has been recovered

(Vizlib Table Download Page)

If you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate to contact the Vizlib team at!