Vizlib Sessions at Qonnections 2019: Let's connect!

Feeling slightly overwhelmed by the choice of general sessions at Qlik Qonnections this year? We hear you! So here are 3 presentations that you definitely shouldn't miss this year 😉

TUESDAY, 14th of May: Tate Ballroom 5

10:30 - 11:15 am
Technology Partner Ecosystem Showcase

Ralf Belcher, Vizlib Technology Advisor & Martin Mahler, Vizlib CEO

This is a practical session focused on advanced analytics features.

WEDNESDAY, 15th of May: General Session

11:15 – 11:45 am
Visual Finance: How to create P&Ls and custom reports in Qlik Sense

Michael Nordström, Head of Pre-Sales & Enablement, Climber

This session is intended for anyone who works with financial data and wants to create visually appealing, highly interactive reports in Qlik Sense. While we'll cover some technical aspects to give you a meatier overview, the session will focus on showcasing innovative ways to visualize and interact with classic general ledger data. If you have been building financial applications in QlikView, this is a perfect opportunity to find out how to do the same thing - only better, easier and more maintainable - in Qlik Sense.

Attendance is on a First Come, First Served basis. Arrive early to guarantee your seat in this session.

15:00 – 15:30 pm
293748 - Extensions that make Sense

Martin Mahler, CEO, Vizlib

If data is the new oil, then data visualization is how we refine it. In this data-heavy world, finding a compelling way to communicate deep insights is what truly drives digital transformation and gives organisations across all sectors a chance at future-proofing their success. Fail to unlock the potential of your data and you’ll be left behind. Solution? Enter Qlik extensions that make Sense. Leveraging the associative Qlik Data Engine, Vizlib – a Qlik TED Partner – will empower your organisation to supercharge your data analytics and drive data adoption across the entire business. Whether you’re in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, consumer products or any other industry, Vizlib’s advanced, ready-to-use extensions library for Qlik Sense will create enormous value by helping you to move faster and achieve more with your data analytics projects. In this session, we'll show you how you can make your Qlik Sense projects a slam-dunk success using Vizlib's intuitive extensions.

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15:30 – 16:00 pm
Customer Panel Discussion: Hard-won lessons from the Qlik Sense journey

Martin Mahler, CEO, Vizlib


  • Mark Diorio, KPMG
  • Evgeni Llin, RGS
  • Fausto Gonzalez, Tampa General Hospital
  • Peihao Jin, Precima
  • David Hogben, Wiley's

Join us for a Panel Discussion with industry experts who will share hard-won lessons from their journey with Qlik Sense. From transition challenges to Qlik Sense adoption to building compelling dashboards, there will be a piece of wisdom for everyone to take home. The moderator will steer the panel into a discussion of success achieved with Qlik Sense and Vizlib - what worked, what didn't, and why - and how attendees can accelerate and fine-tune their own journey with Sense.

Attendance is on a First Come, First Served basis. Arrive early to guarantee your seat in this session.