Vizlib Line Chart v1.2

Eat, Sleep, Vizlib, Repeat

New week, new update! This time our youngest extension, the Vizlib Line Chart, Line Chart extension for Qlik Sense, is getting a new feature added:
Grid Line formatting. You can now decide whether you want to display or hide the grids (x or y or both), the density of it and you have full freedom of customizing the format of the lines. Color, thickness, and style - have it your way!

See below example how slick white grid lines look on a black background! All this in Qlik Sense, fully supported.

Vizlib Line Chart

Vizlib Line Chart

Next to this, we also fixed several bugs and added support for metric legends! Check out the changelog:


Vizlib Line Chart v1.2:

  • Rich Grid Line Formatting introduced
  • Legend now supports for multiple Metrics too.
  • Fixed bug with Background Coloring
  • Null handling has been improved. If a record is missing on the x-axis, the line chart will produce a gap

(Vizlib Line Chart Download Page)