Vizlib Line Chart v1.2.3 Release - Time-Aware Axis

Time matters

New week, new update! Our latest extension is getting a very important feature implemented: Time-Aware Axis with support for Time Localization. Two scary buzzwords, but what hides behind those two definitions?

Time-Aware Axis:
The Time Aware Axis feature allows you to show dimensional dates in chronological order plotted at specific points in times with a minimum and maximum bounds. Instead of having a discrete axis, where each dimension value is plotted in equidistant intervals, the Time-Aware Axis turns the X-Axis into a continuous time interval. The distance between adjacent axis items is proportional to the time value difference.

Time-Aware (Continuous Axis):

Vizlib Line Chart

Non Time-Aware (Descrete Axis):

Vizlib Line Chart

As Line Charts are mostly used for time-series visualizations, a time-aware axis is one of the most critical features a line chart can have. We are happy to say we have successfully implemented this in our Line Chart with some neat Date representations, ranging from Years to Dates up to hours!

Time Localization:
Localization refers to the ability of an application to adapt to the local settings of the user to meet the language, cultural and other requirements of a specific target market (a locale).

In the case of our Time-Aware Axis this is simple: Dates, Month and Year names are read directly from Qlik Sense App and will appear in the local display language!

Vizlib Line Chart Dates in Germany:

Vizlib Line Chart
(Date names are in German)

Vizlib Line Chart Dates in the UK:

Vizlib Line Chart
(Date names are in English)

Next to this, we also fixed a couple of bugs! Check out the changelog:


Vizlib Line Chart v1.2.3:

  • Introduced Time-Aware axis with automatic detection
  • Time-Aware Axis uses the Qlik Sense localization and presents Dates in local language.
  • Bugfix where Line Chart would sometimes not work in IE11 or FireFox

(Vizlib Line Chart Download Page)