Vizlib following the Trend

Where is trend heading? What's next? Sometimes the past can be a guide for how things will evolve in the future. Or is there maybe a relationship between two measures? Regression Analysis or Trend Analysis tries to approximate a mathematical relationship in a given data set.

Trend Lines now available in Vizlib Line Chart & Vizlib Scatter Chart

Vizlib now offers you the option to add Trend Lines to our widely used Vizlib Line Chart and Vizlib Scatter Chart to provide your users with additional meaningful information:

Vizlib Line Chart

Vizlib Line Chart
Vizlib Scatter Chart

Available Trend Line Settings

Vizlib Scatter Chart

As with everything we release, the Trend Line Settings are highly customisable in Vizlib. Beyond classic formatting options as line width, color and style, you also have the ability to choose from five different regression types:

  • Linear
  • Power
  • Exponential
  • Logarithmic
  • Polynomial ( + select the number of regression steps)
Vizlib Scatter Chart

Also, you have got the liberty to display the regression equation as well, which will be plotted alongside the lines:
Vizlib Scatter Chart
Equation Settings:

Vizlib Scatter Chart


Each of our release not only comes with new features but also with several bug fixes you have raised with us. See the detailed changelog below.

Vizlib Line Chart v1.3:


  • New Trend Lines available
  • Consistent Colors - select this if lines colors are fixed on their dimension value
  • Different Tooltip behaviours (stick/fixed/centred) to avoid overlapping
  • A tiny vertical guideline was introduced with the Tooltip

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where the extension would stop working if there was no data to display
  • Fixed an issue where tooltip would display wrong value if null()

(Vizlib Line Chart Download Page)

Vizlib Scatter Chart v1.3:


  • Added functionality to add Trend/Regression Lines as a feature

(Vizlib Scatter Chart Download Page)