Vizlib in three words..

It's never easy to describe a product, a company, an idea in three words. Yet, you have to get your message across. It needs to be simple, easily understood, and most importantly - remembered. Luckily, describing Vizlib in three words is very easy:

Easy-To-Use, Customizable, Supported

As you have probably noticed, ever since the inception of Vizlib, we have rigorously followed our three core principles on which we built our Visualisation Library for Qlik Sense: easy-to-use, customizable and supported.
It sounds nice and makes sense, but what really lies behind those key words? What do they mean to you as a user? How do they shape our extensions and the features we release? Well, this blog post aims to tell you a little more about Vizlib and its philosophy.


Business users are the focal point of Vizlib. They are our target audience. We aim to make their lives as easy as possible by making our objects intuitive, simple and easy to use. Whilst we genuinely appreciate that being able to code is the future; at the same time we acknowledge it is not for everyone. Or maybe it is for some people, but they do not have the time to learn JavaScript, HTML or any other programming language.

At Vizlib, our objects are simplified and visually guide the user through the changes they are able to make in the property panel. The journey begins when dragging the object to the Qlik Sense canvas:

In here for example, in our Vizlib Scatter Chart, it is explained to the user what types of dimensions and metrics are required to visualise their data using a scatter chart.
Another area we have put a lot of focus is on designing the property panel in a user-friendly way. This not only includes carefully organising the settings into relevant sections but also enriching the user experience with advanced components:

Prop Panel
Prop Panel

We spent a lot of time thinking, user testing and subsequently refining the property panel. Your users will be very happy with a Vizlib extension because it's as easy to use as petal flowers.
After all, users should be focusing on what they are best at, which is solving business problems using their data; creating compelling dashboards to achieve this without having to write a line of code.

"Vizlib lets users focus on solving business problems using their data, without spending time writing JavaScript code"


Customizability means freedom. Freedom to express yourself, to bring across the message of your data using visualisations. We at Vizlib put a lot of focus on allowing the users to decide for themselves what they want to change in their charts.
As a result, we aim to make almost every setting on the extension customizable, allowing users to fiddle with every visual aspect of their visualizations. From colours, to line types, to sizes; almost everything that can be seen can be modified by the user - again without having to write a single line of code!

Below is an example of a before (native Qlik Sense) and after (Vizlib Table) table with the same data, but so much more meaningful, all accomplished with existing features available in the Vizlib Table:

Prop Panel
Prop Panel

Customizability in Qlik Sense is key and Vizlib is your friend.

"Vizlib turns Qlik Sense into Excel on steroids"


A no brainer - everything we provide to you is supported. Vizlib currently has a team of nine highly qualified people, the finest and renowned developers in the Qlik industry, with experiences across all markets and sectors. Together, we can support you six different languages.
If you have an issue, we are here to fix it. When Qlik Sense updates, 5x times a year, we are here to ensure our extensions are working fine.

With a strong technical team like Vizlib behind you, you do not have to worry about fixing issues yourself and you can tap into highly skilled talent at a fraction of a cost.

We are here to make sure Qlik Sense is a success at your organisation.

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