Vizlib Advanced Text Object v1.3 Update!

Innovation through Customer Feedback

Vizlib's most successful Qlik Sense extension to date is getting an update.. well more an upgrade we would say! It's not always easy to find ways to enhance your product or to add valuable new features.
The only way you can achieve high-quality innovations is by listening to your customers. Be close to your users, and you will create the perfect product. This is what Vizlib is all about: driven by our customer's feedback, passion for analytics and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

We are happy to introduce two new features to our Advanced Text Object:

Smart Editor

While our Qlik Sense extensions fully leverage the power of HTML, HTML is not for everyone. As a matter of fact, using Vizlib, you shouldn't require to code at all. Vizlib Advanced Text Object introduces a Smart Editor which allow easy, user-friendly editing of your text, directly in the canvas! Full freedom to style it your way!

If you're a geek, you can modify the generated HTML code directly in the expression box right after. Combine it with metrics, Qlik expressions and whatever else is in your mind! Fully customizable.

Animate Numbers

The Vizlib Advanced Text Object extension is used by lots of our users as a means do display KPIs, metrics and other numbers. How about making them dynamic to visually signal when something is changing on the screen rather than just flicking? With our new Animate Numbers interactivity, our extension is scanning the text for numbers and dynamically transitions them to their new values. Quite funky, and a good way to display KPIs.


Vizlib Advanced Text Object v1.3:

  • New Feature: Smart Editor - user friendly way to generate HTML code for your Text Content
  • New Feature: Animate Numbers. Animate your KPI numbers when they're being updated.
  • New Feature: Scroll control. Show/Hide vertical and horizontal scroll.
  • Added text wrapping formatting option.
  • Updated Color Components in the Property Panel
  • Slightly rearranged property panel to be more user-friendly
  • Background URL Image is now a dynamic expression
  • Set Default Background Color to white

(Vizlib Advanced Text Object Download Page)