Vizlib Venn Diagram

Vizlib Venn Diagram is a highly customisable, supported and easy-to-use extension for Qlik Sense and unprecedented in the world of data analytics.
It provides the user with the ability to easily create a Venn Diagram simply by dragging and dropping available dimensions and metrics and immediately creating visual representations of interrelations of data.

Officially accredited Extension by Qlik

Vizlib Venn Diagram

Vizlib Venn Diagram
Vizlib Venn Diagram

The Vizlib Venn Diagram graphically displays logical attributes as circles, with common elements of the attributes being represented by intersections of the circles. The circle size, position and intersections are driven by the elements who may own one or more of the available attributes.

Vizlib Venn Diagram
Vizlib Venn Diagram

Like the rest of the Vizlib library our newest extension for Qlik Sense has been designed to be highly customizable, easy-to-use for business users and supported, following our three core design principles.

Up to 5 users free.

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Vizlib Venn Diagram


  1. Installation
    1.1 Qlik Sense Server
    1.2 Qlik Sense Desktop
  2. Features
  3. Extension Settings
    3.1 Dimensions
    3.2 Measures
    3.3 Sorting
    3.4 Add-ons
    3.5 Appearance
    3.6 Interactivity
  4. What's new?
  5. Known Limitations
  6. Feedback & Bug Reporting
  7. Terms & Conditions

1. Installation

1.1 Qlik Sense Server
  1. Download the .zip file from the link provided your eMail.
  2. Visit the QMC on of your Qlik Sense Server.
  3. Import the .zip file in your extension tab.
  4. Open Qlik Sense and add the 'Vizlib Venn Diagram' extension to a sheet.
1.2 Qlik Sense Desktop
  1. Download the .zip file from the link provided your eMail.
  2. Extract the .zip file to your default extension folder (documents/qlik/sense/extensions) in Qlik Sense.
  3. Open Qlik Sense and add the 'Vizlib Venn Diagram' extension to a sheet.

2. Features:

  1. Automatically render an appropriate Venn Diagram with intersections based on your data selections
  2. Labels Formatting
  3. Color & Circle Formatting
  4. Full Control over Interactivity options

3. Extension Settings:

3.1 Dimensions:

The Vizlib Venn Diagram supports and requires two dimensions which represent on one hand attributes and the other hand elements which together provide a set of groupings, intersections and visual representation of relationships.

  • Attribute (First Dimension): Is an attribute of elemenets, like for example hair color, sex, height or age of a student population.

  • Elements (Second Dimension): Should represent the number of elements which have one or more attributes assigned to them.

3.2 Measures:

The Vizlib Venn Diagram supports one metric which represents the size of the element population.

3.3 Sorting:

The Vizlib Venn Diagram supports the native Qlik Sense sorting capabilities. More information here on the Qlik Sense Help page:

3.4 Data Handling

The Vizlib Venn Diagram supports showing & hiding zero values and using calculation condition to control when the chart is displayed or not.

Vizlib Venn Diagram
3.5 Appearance

Group of properties to change the visual settings of the Venn Diagram.


Labels Settings give you the possibility to modify whether labels are displayed and to format, dimension, measure and intersection labels to your likings.


Color the Venn Diagram Circles to your likings or match them to your corporate colors. As with any other extensions released, Vizlib provides you with a rich color palette to choose from.
You also have the ability to set your own custom color scheme.

Circle Formatting

Circle formatting allows you to set the border formats of the circles including the background opacity. The circle colors can be set in the colors section described above.

3.6 Interactivity

Interactivity enables the users to interact with the data in the chart as well as navigate throughout the Venn Diagram for a better view of the visualization. This includes enabling/disabling of the tooltips.

Bear in mind multi-select is currently not supported in the first version of the Venn Diagram.

4. What's new?:

v1.4 27/08/2018:

New Features:

  • Added currency formatting for both value and intersection labels.

v1.3 04/06/2018:

New Features:

  • Implement pagination and data handling capabilities.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed interactivity option for turning off the animations
  • Fixed some minor rendering issues on IE
  • Fixed blinking issue on Qlik Sense desktop when hovering intersections.

v1.2.1 09/04/2018:

  • Fixed rendering issue on mashups.

v1.2 21/02/2018:

  • Vizlib Venn Diagram now supports Alternate States

v1.1.5 08/01/2018:

  • Increased number of parsed rows to 3,333.
  • Fixed Tooltip formatting for intersections.

v1.1.4 24/10/2017:

  • Fix compatibility with Vizlib Heatmap, where the 2 extensions were not rendering at the same time.

v1.1.3 18/10/2017:

  • Fix introduced for WebSocket communication error when extension is embedded in mashups sitting outside of Qlik Sense hostname.

v1.1.0 13/09/2017:

  • First Release

5 Known Limitations
  • Limited to 3,333 data points (rows).
  • Multi-select is not supported yet.
  • There are geometrical limitations on how many intersections and circle combinations can be displayed on one view. The higher the number of available attributes & elements, the higher the likelihood some intersections or circles will not be drawn. It is therefore recommended to use the Venn Diagram only with few available values to extract meaningful information from it.
  • Patterns as a visual representation of intersections are not supported in Qlik Sense Desktop, and the background is painted in grey for intersections instead of using a diagonal pattern.

6 Feedback and Bug Reporting

Feel free to raise your feedback or bugs found on the page below:

Contact us:

7. Terms & Conditions

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