Vizlib to become part of the official TED Program with 5 accredited extensions LIVE on Qlik Market!

We are thrilled to announce that we have just become the first Qlik Partner to join the newly announced Qlik TED Program! With five accredited Vizlib extensions already live on Qlik Market, and the rest of the Library to be submitted for accreditation by the end of the month, we are together with Qlik making Vizlib Extensions more accessible to the Qlik ecosystem to drive value for users and customers.

The new accreditation and seal of approval means more transparency, quality-assurance, and trust for extensions developed by Qlik Partners like us who offer support and regular product updates to subscribed customers.

Qlik’s TED Program includes:

  • Extension Accreditation: Reduces risk of code failure on upgrade, ensures security protocol and data collection compliance, and allows accreditation on additional functionality such as responsiveness and mashup readiness.
  • Best Practices & Enablement: Detailed requirements documentation, test script creation guidance, monthly webinars, and open feedback channels like Slack.
  • Testing Tools: Qlik supported automated testing tools, and test script validation with Qlik Sense via a CLI to improve submission quality. Promotion/Marketing: Dedicated TED Developer Partner page, Qlik Branch Developer Event and Marketing campaign promotion (when appropriate), inclusion in Qonnections Developer related sessions and promotion.
  • Assured Upgrades: TED members sign up with a commitment to provide on-going updates to their accredited extensions, as well as ensuring customers can receive support during their use.

Want to be part of the TED program? Read more about TED on Qlik Branch.

Extensions have been playing an integral part in Qlik Sense projects for a long time now, however, have mostly been developed by third parties. Qlik's launch of the TED Program officially acknowledges the value of extensions to customers, and recognizes partners like Vizlib who are committed to providing high-quality supported extensions as a value-add to an already incredibly powerful data-engine,”

said Martin Mahler, CEO, and Co-founder of Vizlib.

Download our full Vizlib Library here and trial for free

Vizlib has great plans: with our aggressive roadmap in place, we are continuing to passionately innovate by introducing new features and visualizations to Qlik Sense always with the focus of the customer in mind, with most requirements coming directly from them.

Our ever-growing Qlik Sense extension library is expanding significantly this year. Here's what you have to look forward to in 2018:

Roadmap 2018:

  • Vizlib Sheet Menu (August 2018)
  • Vizlib Slider
  • Vizlib Line Object
  • Vizlib Filter Pane
  • Vizlib Waterfall Chart
  • Vizlib Switch
  • Vizlib Combo Chart
  • Vizlib KPI Object
  • Vizlib Mekko Chart
  • Many more new features on existing extensions and visualisations.