Team Spotlight: Meet Vizlib's New Partner Sales Channel Manager

We are excited to announce that Assja von Kraft has joined the Vizlib team as Partner Sales Channel Manager. When she's not running a marathon or cycling for charity, Assja can be found working her magic in the tech world. Known for her exceptional networking and solution-building skills, Assja is joining the V-team to help us establish and grow business and technical relationships with our partners around the world.

And here are a few interesting facts about Assja!

Random Facts & Background

Before Vizlib: I have been working in the IT industry in London for more than 10 years – RateTiger, Oracle, QlikTech and Proofpoint. In my latest role as a Sales Rep for Cyber Security at Proofpoint, I've built up the partner team in my German Territory. And at QlikTech, I was responsible for closing deals worth 2 million euros exclusively via Partners.

Role at Vizlib: Partner Sales Channel Manager. It goes without saying that the task lying ahead of me is to connect Vizlib to the Qlik Ecosystem, recruiting as many of the 1700 partners in 100 countries around the globe as possible. I am a team player and always happy to learn and educate others.

Favourite chart: the bar chart because it is simple and easy to understand and I grew up with it in Super Mario.

Special skills: Network, Sales, Mindset. The core values I'm holding on to are honesty, sympathy and discipline.

When I’m not working, I can be found… exercising and staying fit – running the London Marathon was part of it. Dining and drinking fine wine is always a welcome suggestion, too. I also love cycling, wakeboarding and learning about different cultures in different cities.

Favourite show: there is not a single musical that isn't marvellous! The entertaining Tina Turner musical was the last one I've seen and it was extraordinarily beautiful.

Favourite quote: "Compensation can motivate, of course, but positive energy and dedication generate momentum that lasts."

Ask me about: anything! I might not know the answer but we can work it out together.

Favourite emoji: 😊 because you can open doors with a smile.