Team Spotlight: Meet Vizlib’s New Marketing Manager

Hey there! I’m Juste, the new Marketing Manager here at Vizlib. If we haven’t met or spoken yet, that’s because I just joined the team a few weeks ago! Yay 🎉 If you frequent our Blog space, you might have seen some of the articles I’ve written – and if you haven’t yet, take this as a sign that you’ve been waiting for.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn (I’m also on Insta, but people say I talk about books too much, so consider yourself warned.)

Since you’ll be hearing quite a bit from me in the future, we thought it would be nice to put a face to the name. 👋

Random Facts & Background

Before Vizlib: I ran UNcopy, a boutique content consultancy (translation: freelancer), and worked with brands in a broad range of industries, including eCommerce, real estate, financial services, SaaS and more.

Favourite chart: Sankey – because it’s got a flow

Special skills: Translating techy mumbo-jumbo into plain English

Favourite show: The Office & The Big Bang Theory

Favourite quote: Nothing moves until you do.

Ask me about: Tattoos

Favourite emoji: 🤷

Vizlib in the future

Amongst many other things that we are working on at the moment, one of our key objectives for next year is to communicate the true value that Vizlib delivers to businesses around the world through relevant and inspiring content.

If there’s any dataviz, data literacy or BI topic that you want to see on the blog, please don’t hold yourself back – email us, tweet us, leave a comment or send a pigeon. We’ll be listening out for your ideas!

So many of our clients are using Vizlib extensions for Qlik Sense to get business-critical projects completed, better inform their strategy and optimize business performance – it would be shameful to keep these stories under wraps!

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