Vizlib Scatter Chart for Qlik Sense

Vizlib Scatter Chart is a highly customisable, supported and easy-to-use extension for Qlik Sense which gives you the ability to have full control over legends, axis labels, fonts, interactivity, reference lines, reference bubbles, reference areas, colors, guidelines and more, far exceeding the standard capabilities of the native Qlik Sense Object

It displays the relationship between two quantitative measures for different categories. It is used to explore visually the potential existence, extent or absence of a significant correlation between the plotted variables.

Vizlib Scatter Chart
Vizlib Scatter Chart
Vizlib Scatter Chart
Vizlib Scatter Chart
Vizlib Scatter Chart
Vizlib Scatter Chart
Vizlib Scatter Chart
Vizlib Scatter Chart

Vizlib Scatter Chart

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  1. Installation
    1.1 Qlik Sense Server
    1.2 Qlik Sense Desktop
  2. Features
  3. Extension Settings
    3.1 Dimensions
    3.2 Measures
    3.3 Sorting
    3.4 References
    3.5 Axis Settings
    3.6 Bubble Settings
    3.7 Legend Settings
    3.8 Grid Format
    3.9 Interactivity
    3.10 Show
  4. What's new?
  5. Feedback & Bug Reporting
  6. Terms & Conditions
1. Installation
1.1 Qlik Sense Server
  1. Download the .zip file from the link provided your eMail.
  2. Visit the QMC on of your Qlik Sense Server.
  3. Import the .zip file in your extension tab.
  4. Open Qlik Sense and add the 'Vizlib Scatter Plot' extension to a sheet.
1.2 Qlik Sense Desktop
  1. Download the .zip file from the link provided your eMail.
  2. Extract the .zip file to your default extension folder (documents/qlik/sense/extensions) in Qlik Sense.
  3. Open Qlik Sense and add the 'Vizlib Scatter Plot' extension to a sheet.
2. Features:
  1. Support for one dimension (Second time dimension optional) and three metrics (x/y/bubble size).
  2. Style your text in any way and size you wish.
  3. Reference Lines, Bubbles, and Areas
  4. Full interactivity support including Lasso functionality for selecting values.
  5. Free zooming and navigation on the Scatter Plot.
  6. Up to 5 users free.
3. Extension Settings:

3.1 Dimensions:
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The Vizlib Scatter Chart supports up to two dimensions. The first one can be chosen freely but is mandatory to get the visualization displayed. The second dimension is required if the user wishes to display the historical tracking trails of a dimension over time. For this, the second dimension needs to be a timestamp. If you decide to add a second dimension, please ensure there are no gaps in time values, and the dimensions all have 100% data density.

3.2 Measures:

The Scatter Chart supports up to three measures of which two are mandatory, and one is optional (bubble size).

Measure 1: Will be displayed along the x-axis
Measure 2: Will be displayed along the y-axis
Measure 3: Determines the bubble size (optional)

3.3 Sorting:

The Vizlib Scatter Chart supports the native Qlik Sense sorting capabilities. More information here on the Qlik Sense Help page:

3.4 References:
  • x-Axis Reference Lines
  • y-Axis Reference Lines
  • Reference Bubbles
  • Reference Areas

More details coming soon.

3.5 Axis Settings:

Coming Soon

3.6 Bubble Settings:

The Bubbles in the Scatter Chart have the ability to express the magnitude of a data point by their size. Making them visually compelling is one of the most important missions of the Scatter Chart.

  • Show Labels:
    Show/Hide the Data Labels (of dimensional values) on the bubbles. If shown, they will be positioned right below the bubbles. More data label positions will be available in the future.

  • Avoid Label Overlapping:
    If data labels are displayed, depending on the position of the bubbles they label run the risk of overlapping. This setting rearranges the labels, so they overlap as little as possible.

  • Label Font Color:
    Changes the font colors of the data labels.

  • Label Font Size:
    Changes the font size of the data labels.

  • Label Font Family:
    Changes the font family of the data labels.

  • Bubble Size:
    This setting allows you to set the bubble size. The formula to determine the actual bubble size is Math.Pow([Data Value]*[Bubble Size Setting]), 1/2).

  • Bubble Color:
    Allows the user to decide how the bubbles are colored either by setting a fixed color for each dimension or by using a color expression.

  • Bubble Opacity:
    Changes the opacity of the fill color of the bubbles. Max opacity (100%) display the line as is whereas min opacity (0%) hides the lines.

  • Bubble Border Width:
    Changes the border width of the bubbles in px.

3.7 Legend Settings:

Coming Soon

3.8 Grid Format:

The Grid in the Scatter Chart represents a series of numbered horizontal and vertical lines that divide a chart into squares to form a grid using which any point may be located by a system of rectangular coordinates.

  • Show Grid:
    Shows or hide the background grid.

  • Grid Style:
    Defines the line style of the grid.


  • Grid Color:
    Either select a color from the color picker or enter your hex color code into the function below.

  • Grid Opacity:
    Defines the opacitiy/visibility of the grid lines. Max opacity (100%) display the line as is whereas min opacity (0%) totally hides the lines.

  • Grid Thickness:
    Grid thickness defines the thickness of the grid lines in px.

3.9 Interactivity:

Interactivity enables the users to interact with the data in the chart as well as navigate throughout the scatter view for a better view of the chart.

  • Allow Selections:
    Gives the user the ability to select the bubbles in the chart in order to pass selections back to the app.

  • Allow Quick Select:
    Quick select circumvents the selection confirmation steps and initiates the selections right away. Quick select suppressed the ability to multi-select, but that's where the lasso can be utilized.

  • Enable Lasso:
    The lasso functionality allows the users to draw a lasso circle with the mouse to interactively select multiple bubbles in one go. The lasso can be used by start dragging on a space on the chart, or, when interactive zooming is enabled, by selecting the lasso button at the top hand right side.

  • Enable Interactive Zoom:
    Interactive zoom allows the user to navigate and to zoom in/out throughout the scatter chart to create a better view of the plotted data points.

  • Show Tooltip:
    Activates the tooltip functionality which pops up a mini window with information about the bubble data point when hovering over it.
    Tooltip for Vizlib Scatter Chart

  • Show Guide Lines on Hover:
    When hovering a bubble data point, vertical and horizontal guidelines are popping up and display the x & y-Axis value of the data point directly on the axis.
3.10 Show:

Coming Soon

4. What's new?:

v1.5 22/02/2018:

New Features:

  • Vizlib Scatter Chart now supports alternate states

v1.4 12/02/2018:

New Features:

  • New Polygon Reference Area. Define corner points and create your own bespoke reference area, like triangles, stars, and hexagons. Vizlib Scatter Chart
  • Ability to add Custom Reference lines Vizlib Scatter Chart
  • Option to load as many data points as you like!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the min/max scale values were not working as expected.

v1.4.1 16/02/2018:

Bug Fixes:

  • Label font color picker was not working
  • Pagination was offset by one page.
  • Measure Color resets to the default value when another property was updated.

v1.3.1 18/10/2017

  • Fix introduced for WebSocket communication error when the extension is embedded in mashups sitting outside of Qlik Sense hostname.

v1.3 20/09/2017:

  • Added functionality to add Trend/Regression Lines as a feature

v1.2.3 19/07/2017:

  • Fixed issues with the color palette
  • Added Auto-Scaling of Bubble Size when a third metric is defined

v1.2.2 04/07/2017:

  • Persistent Colors after selection
  • Persistent Bubble colors after selection
  • Dynamically define bubble color by expression/measure
  • Define your custom color palette
  • Tiny bug fixes
  • Large choice of pre-defined custom colors

v1.2.1 20/05/2017:

  • Fixed bug where the Scatter Chart was suppressing Bookmark functionality
  • In the snail-trail mode, guidelines were disappearing when the bubbles were animated, which is now rectified.
  • Added a direct link for Feedback in the About section of the extension
  • A new Financial Services Demo App (.qvf) using our Scatter Chart is now included in the Download.

v1.2.0 27/03/2017:

  • Snailtrail now supports all types of Dates (Year, Date, Month).
  • Bug fix where two snail trails could not be displayed on the same sheet.
  • If the snail trail data is incomplete, an error message is spat out.
  • Tiny updates to the property panel.

v1.1.0 28/02/2017:

  • First Version of the Vizlib Scatter Plot with rich functionality and features which go beyond the capabilities of the native Qlik Sense Scatter Chart.

Coming Soon:

  • Support of a non-time based second dimension
5. Feedback and Bug Reporting

Feel free to raise your feedback or bugs found on the page below:

Contact us:

6. Terms & Conditions

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