NEW Extension - Vizlib Pie Chart

It's the small and frequent use-case we try to help you with here at Vizlib. You might ask yourself what's so special about a Vizlib Pie Chart?

The native Qlik Sense Pie Chart does a good job. But very quickly, once you spent time playing around with it, you hit annoying limitations. Something we would like to call the "Qlik Sense brickwall". You're not able to choose the colors you want as easily. You can't position the legend where you want. You would like to add more metrics to the tooltip. Formatting is limited, you wish to deactivate interactivity but you can't(read-only mode), the Snapshot & Maximize Icons are annoying...

That's where Vizlib comes into play:

The journey with the Vizlib Pie Chart begins where the native Qlik Sense Pie Chart ends, giving you exactly the same functionality as a basis, but extending it further to follow our core principles of highly customizable, easy-to-use and supported:

Vizlib Pie Chart Features:

  • Fully customizable Pie Chart with rich formatting options.
  • Legend Control including flexible positioning (bottom/top/left/right/radial)
  • Powerful tooltip - add additional metrics and KPIs and present them on hover.
  • Choose from a wide range of color palettes or set your own colors!
  • Full control over interactivity and ability to turn native functionality off (i.e: full screen, snapshot buttons).
  • Custom Totals - Feel free to enter your own total calculations and place labels inside the chart

Vizlib Pie Chart
Vizlib Pie Chart

(Vizlib Pie Chart Download Page)

As always, if you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate to contact the Vizlib team at!