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TIQ Word Cloud

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Words organised in cloud form sized by a measure.

TIQ Word Cloud

A Qlik Sense extension to render a pseudo-randomized Word Cloud, means same or similar resulting layout for the same input data set and random seed. The rendering is adjustable with a couple of parameters.



  1. Word Dimension: a list of Words


  1. Measure of Word occurance: a value to determine the size of the Word
  2. Word Color Code (optional): you can either give a CSS color code or use Qlik color functions (rgb, argb or colormix1/2)


  1. Orientations: amount Word orientations (or angles) used (1 to 13; default: 3)
  2. Random Seed: used in the randomize function to determine the overall layout (1 to 4711; default: 23)
  3. Start Angle: the minimum angle, clockwise from 12am, angle of zero means horizontal orientation (-180 tp 180; default: -90)
  4. End Angle: the maximum angle, (-180 tp 180; default: 90)
  5. Font Max Size: maximum size in of font used in px (10 to 200; default: 50)
  6. Font Min Size: minimum size in of font used in px (10 to 200; default: 14)
  7. Word Padding: size of spacing between Words in px (1 to 20; default: 2)
  8. Scale: used for Word size calculation (log, linear; default: log)
  9. Scale Color: d3.js color scales for pseudo-random coloring usage (category10, category20, category20b, category20c; default: category20)
  10. Measure Unit: unit text for popup (default: ‘occurance(s)’); Qlik number formatting is not used!
  11. Show Animations: animate Words flying in and out on selections or change of extension size (default: on)


TIQ Word Cloud

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