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Supported version of the famous interactive Timeline extension for Qlik Sense

TIQ Timeline

A Qlik Sense extension to render a timeline. It is an interactive chart to visualize data items over time. The items can take place on a single date, or have a start and end date (a range). You can freely move and zoom in/out the timeline by dragging and scrolling.

This is a complete overhaul of the initial open source version. Now it can handle up to 5000 records, means items to display. But usually, and for perfomance reasons the view should be adjusted to show max. a couple of houndreds of items at once.

And, there are many new features and lots of fixes:

  • performance improvements,
  • localization by Qlik date/time settings,
  • selection capabilites for grouped items and point in time items,
  • the ability to use any kind of coloring (see below),
  • additional milestone shape, and
  • usage of fontawewsome icons



  1. Dimension: Reference ID, numeric (Event ID or else) or String

Dimension Properties

  1. Item Content Text: the text showed in the item
  2. Item Hover Text: the text showed in the tooltip when hovering an item (optional)
  3. Item Start Date: the date where the item starts
  4. Item End Date: the date where the item ends (optional; not needed for types ‘box’ and ‘point’)
  5. Item Type: how to render the item; can be ‘box’ (default), ‘point’, ‘range’, ‘background’, 'milestone' or fontawesome icon class (eg. 'fa-cocktail')
  6. Item Group: a group name to group items in a swim lane; for performance reasons groups are limited to the amount of 32 (optional)
  7. Item Color: color the item you want it; you can use a number from 1-10 for the default Qlik Sense diverging color palette (red-to-blue) or a CSS color code like #52cc52 and function (rgb, rgba) as text or a Qlik color function as expression (green, argb or colormix1); you can even mix these different coloring options (see example app)


None. See Dimension Properties.

Layout Options

  1. Axis Orientation: top, bottom (default), both, none
  2. Item orientation: top, bottom (default)
  3. Stack Items: stack items on top of each other such that they do not overlap (default: true)
  4. Item Sorting: sort items by start date/time or reference ID if items are stacked (default: none); should not be used with big amounts of items
  5. Group Sorting: sort groups alphabetically (default: Ascending; Descending)
  6. Mark Weekend: apply CSS class for background color of weekend (when zoomed-in), press F5 after change and save (default:true)
  7. Weekend Days: choose local weekend days (default: Saturday-Sunday), press F5 after change and save
  8. Reverse Color: reverse the Qlik Sense diverging color (red-to-blue); so 1 means 10
  9. Apply CSS for Background: apply CSS class to background items (default: true)
  10. max. Items to render: maximum items to render (default: 500); a large amount of items (if nothing is selected in Qlik) needs much time, this limits the amount to render
  11. max. Items to render: limit data records to display (default: 100)
  12. Fit all events in window: zooms out to fit all events into visible window, if possible (doesn’t probably work when max. Zoom is set)
  13. Move focus to time: move focus to given time (eg. =now(1), default: 0, no focus)
  14. Rolling Mode: moves timeline so that current time is always centered (default: false)
  15. Visible range min.: limit visible date range mininum by numerical Qlik date or expression (default: 0, no min. date)
  16. Visible range max.: limit visible date range maximum by numerical Qlik date or expression (default: 0, no max. date)
  17. Zoom min.: minimum zoom resolution in days, 1/24 = 1 hr (default: 1/24; set for performance reason)
  18. Zoom max.: maximum zoom resolution in days, 31 = 1 month (default: 14 - two week; set for performance reason)

Reference Lines

  • Value (Date/Timestamp): a value or expression representing a Qlik Date/Timestamp, eg. =Today() + 10
  • Label: label of reference line, showing as title when hovered
  • Color: color of reference line

Interaction Options

  • Item Selection: enable selection when item is clicked (default: true)
  • Group Selection: enable selection of group items when group label is clicked (default: true)
  • Select: choose to select Items of Group (default) or in Group Field (works if group expression is a field)
  • Time Axis Selection: enable selection in time axis (default: true)


This extension contains code to convert the dimensions and measures from a sheet object of the former open source timeline extension to the new dimension-properties structure. Since these expressions are on a dimensional level you might need to adjust them to bring it back to work.

After conversion you should remove the still existing but obsolete (and grayed-out) dimensions and measures.


v1.4.0 - 08/09/2019

  • added reference lines

v1.3.3 - 26/07/2019

  • fix for visible range function

v1.3.2 - 06/01/2019

  • fix for context menu in April 2019

v1.3.1 - 03/27/2019

  • fix for CSS issue, no 2nd rendering happens when item text overflows and setting is on

v1.3.0 - 02/02/2019

  • new item shape milestone and fontawesome icons (see example app)
  • possibility to change group selection to group field (instead of group items)

v1.2.5 - 04/01/2019

  • new and consistent CSS styling for individual coloring
  • fixes coloring for points
  • performance improvements

v1.2.4 - 31/07/2018

  • fix for printing and export
  • activation when clicked in edit mode

v1.2.3 - 05/05/2018

  • fixed sticky tooltip when selection changed

v1.2.2 - 14/04/2018

  • fixed data exports (context menu functions)
  • new panel section to control interactions
  • added reset zoom function to fit items (see context menu)
  • rendering improvements: timeline is not recreated on selections, item data are updated only

v1.2.1 - 09/03/2018

  • fixed weekend coloring
  • fixed printing (but still issue on DataViz market)

v1.2.0 - 09/03/2018

  • added group sorting property
  • added weekend and hours hiding
  • added weekend background color
  • fix weekend coloring (related to localized css classes)

v1.1.1 - 02/03/2018

  • fixes group sorting issue


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