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TIQ MI Container

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A Container Object for visual Master Items

TIQ Master Item Container

A Qlik Sense extension to render multiple Qlik Sense visual Master Items (charts, tables etc.) in one container and make them availabe via dropdown or tab selection.


Container Objects

Define the Container Objects by selecting Master Items from the dropdown list. After that place it in the right order by dragging the item:

Container Settings

  1. Container Style: render dropdown or tabs for choosing the container object (default: Dropdown)
  2. Dropdown/Button Style: layout of the dropdown selection and data export button (Gradient, Default; default: Gradient)
  3. Dropdown Width in %: width of the dropdown selecion (default: 58%)
  4. Export Data Button: show or hide that button (default: show)
  5. Default / Last Selection: number of what master item to show initially, starting from 0

Version 1.3

  • Conditional show: now each item has a show condition
  • If condition reduces showable items to one, contruls (dropdown, tabs) will not be shown; this allows to use the extension as show/hide container
  • Layout improvements: when tabsis used, data export button appears along the tabs at top right (before beneath the tabs) to save space for item

Version 1.2

  • Introducing tabs: container can be rendered with dropdown selection or as tab


TIQ MI Container

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