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TIQ Chord Diagram

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Extension to render a Chord Diagram

TIQ Chord Diagram

A Qlik Sense extension to render a dependency wheele to visualizes dependencies between two dimensions using an interactive chord diagram. Each chord section represents a source and/or target. Links between the arcs materialize dependencies between source and/or target.



  1. Source Dimension (optionally set dimensional Grouping and Coloring)
  2. Target Dimension (optionally set dimensional Grouping and Coloring)
  3. Link Id: important for detailled selections (optional)

Hint: dimensions should not contain null values


  1. Link Measure: representing the dependency (additive aggregated)


  1. Color Schema: Qlik standard color sequences, used for coloring sections and links, doesn’t overwrite dimensional coloring (Sequencial, Sequencial Reverse, Diverging, Diverging Reverse; default: Sequencial)
  2. Aggregate Dimensions: set true if dimension used in source and target is the same or contains same/overlapping members (default: false)
  3. Max. Label Size: limit label length for bigger wheel rendering (default: 20)
  4. Measure Unit: unit text for popup (default: empty); Qlik number formatting is not used!
  5. Tooltip Delay in ms (default: 500)


TIQ Chord Diagram

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