Evolcon Double Barchart

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Evolcon Double Barchart

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Evolcon Double Bar Chart Extension for comparative analysis

Evolcon Double Bar Chart

A double bar chart shows two measures in overlaying bars.


Dimensions and Measures

Define one dimension and two measures. The first measure is the outer bar and the second is the inner bar.

Bar Properties

  • Customize bar colors
  • Toggle the ability to make selections
  • Toggle the display of data points
  • Toggle the orientation of data points
  • Toggle the display of tooltip
  • Toogle the display of measure legends

X Axis

  • Toggle the display of x-axis values and labels.

Y Axis

  • Toggle the display of y-axis values and labels.
  • Toogle the display of y-axis grid lines

Version v1.2

  • Format numbers on data points
  • Hover works on both bars
  • Toggle numbers on data points option separately for each measure
  • Enabled scrolling using brush
  • Included tootip and measure legends
  • Improved responsiveness of the layout and labels
  • Overall style improvement to look similar to native Qlik Sense objects


Evolcon Double Barchart

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