Evolcon Cycle Plot

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Evolcon Cycle Plot

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Line Chart extension to visualize cyclical data series.

Evolcon Cycle Plot

A cycle plot is an excellent way to clearly visualize changes in seasonal behavior over time. Find out more about how to use them in the following article. https://www.perceptualedge.com/articles/guests/intro_to_cycle_plots.pdf



Define two date/time fields as dimensions. The first dimension is displayed along the x-axis and is a repetitive or seasonal element. For example, months in a year, days in a week or hours in a day. The second dimension describes the different instances of each repetitive or seasonal element. For example, years, weeks, or days, respectively.


Define one measure that is used to display both the trend line and the mean line for each seasonal element. For example, “sum(Sales)”.


  • Define a calculation conditions
  • Personalize the color of the trend and the mean line.
  • Add a legend, a legend title and define its position.
  • Define grid line spacing.
  • Define the x-axis detail and position.
  • Define the y-axis detail, position, and scale.


v1.1 - 11/02/2018

  • Enabled calculation condition option.
  • Added new apearance settings common in native Qlik objects.
  • Made x-axis labels more responsive when there are more than 60 dimensional values.


Evolcon Cycle Plot

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